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Still Life of Flowers - Lilian Silas (Stannard) - Oil on Board

Artist: Lillian Silas (Lillian Stannard)
Medium: Oil on board
Dimensions: 31 x 24 inches
Frame: Original antique frame adorned with molded gilt motifs of fruit, pine cone, and leaves.

Description: This magnificent piece, "STILL LIFE OF FLOWERS" c. 1910s, is an original work by esteemed artist Lillian Silas. Born as Lillian Stannard in 1877 to the iconic artist Henry Stannard, she hailed from the illustrious Stannard family - a name synonymous with renowned painters. Surrounded by the aura of artistic prowess, her sisters Eloise and Emily Stannard were among the best-known figures of Victorian painting.

Lillian began her journey in the art world portraying enchanting watercolor gardens. However, marriage ushered in a shift in her medium. As Mrs. Silas, her artistry took a turn towards the bold and vibrant, as she began crafting lush, distinctive oil paintings.

From 1900 to 1930, her work adorned exhibition walls, leaving audiences in awe of her unique style, which markedly differentiated from the works of her sisters.

This painting proudly bears a gallery label from W. H. Patterson, a respected gallery located in London. Today, it operates under the name Gladwell & Patterson, further attesting to the painting's illustrious history and provenance.

Key Features:
- Signature: The artwork is signed, guaranteeing its authenticity.

- Gallery Provenance: Bearing a label from the well-known W. H. Patterson gallery (now known as Gladwell & Patterson).

- Detailed Frame: The ornate frame is a work of art in itself, with intricate gilt motifs. Please note that there's some wear, including a crack in one of the fruit motifs.

Condition Details: The painting does require cleaning. The frame exhibits signs of wear, most notably a crack on a fruit motif at one corner. There are other minor signs of wear, which are difficult to itemize but can be observed upon close inspection. Please refer to the provided photos for a detailed look at these minor condition points.