Hi, I'm Megan.

Welcome to Everthine Antiques and Stationery. I am happy you've made it to this page to learn more about me, my shop, and the inspiration behind my stationery designs.

I sell what I collect, love, and would have in my home. In this shop you will find antiques from all catagories, such as: books, jewelry, clothing, ephemera, art, furniture, home goods, and more.

The stationery portion of my shop comes from my love of the art of writing. Whether it is journalling, writing a letter, or even a grocery list, writing is an art form worth preserving and passing on. Don't you appreciate an unexpected handwritten letter in the mail? I know I do.

This is what led me to design my own stationery line. As an antique collector and dealer, I wanted to create a collection that honors my ancestors and inspires people like me, who love antiques, see themselves represented in them.

Thank you for visiting.