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Antique French Holy Prayer Card - "O Croix sacrée, notre espérance, je te salue!"


An extraordinary Antique French Holy Card, bearing the title "O Croix sacrée, notre espérance, je te salue!", which translates to "O Holy Cross, our hope, I salute you!". This artifact, originating from the late 19th century, offers a rare insight into an era of profound faith and devotion.

The heart of the card features a lithograph print of a young boy and girl in worshipful admiration of the Cross, symbolizing innocence and devotion. Above them, angels float in celestial grace, while a peaceful lamb lies near the center, reinforcing the spiritual motif of the card.

Complementing the central image is a meticulously designed lace paper that encircles the lithograph. 


Great condition for its age. Stains to front. Bend to top left. 


4" x 2.5"