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Antique German Baptism Certificate with Decorative Box


A German Baptism Card and Certificate, beautifully enclosed in a decorated box. Hailing from the late 19th century, this item is a true testament to the spiritual heritage and religious mementos of a bygone era.

The Baptism Card and Certificate, preserved in great condition for its age and serves as an enchanting record of a significant sacrament. The detailed lettering, traditional religious motifs, and meticulous design speak volumes about the reverence and importance attributed to this rite of passage.

Adding to the allure of this antique is the decorated box that encloses the card and certificate. Adorned with religious motifs, the box not only offers protection but also elevates the ensemble's aesthetic appeal. It's a fine example of the artistic sensibilities of the period.


Great condition for its age. The box has wear and looks to have been repaired a long time ago. Wear is consistent with its age. Please see photos for better details.


5" x 4.75"