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Antique French Punch Paper Bookmark Holy Card - UNUSED


For your consideration is rare and exceptional unused Antique French Lace Punch Paper Bookmark Holy Card. 

The centerpiece of this card is an endearing lithograph print nestled in the top arch of the bookmark, featuring a young girl delicately cradling a heart adorned with a cross.

What makes this holy card particularly unique and hard to find is its unused punch paper. This feature is quite rare in antique ephemera, as these punch holes were often filled with colorful threads to create designs and thoughtful quotes/words. The untouched state of the paper adds an incredible authenticity and value to this piece.

Surrounding the central image is an intricate lace design, with punched holes ready for embellishment if you wish. The delicacy of the lacework and the precision of the punches reflect the meticulous craftsmanship and artistry of the period.


Great condition for its age. small bend to the top arch.


6.25" x 2"