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Antique French Holy Prayer Card - "N. D De Lourdes"


An extraordinary Antique French Holy Card, bearing the title "O Croix sacrée, notre espérance, je te salue!", which translates to "O Holy Cross, our hope, I salute you!". This artifact, originating from the late 19th century, offers a rare insight into an era of profound faith and devotion.

The heart of the card features a lithograph print of a young boy and girl in worshipful admiration of the Cross, symbolizing innocence and devotion. Above them, angels float in celestial grace, while a peaceful lamb lies near the center, reinforcing the spiritual motif of the card.

Complementing the central image is a meticulously designed lace paper that encircles the lithograph. 


Great condition for its age. Stains to front. Bend to top left. 


4.5" x 3"